Become a Collaborator

We’re looking for organizations that want to share their content on sustainable gardening and farming research, demonstration gardens and projects, and best management practices.

Because We All Have the Same Problems
•    Can’t get the word out about our work
•    People who want our information can’t find it
•    Can’t update our content without redoing our website
•    Stuck in professional, institutional, or geographic silos

A Simple Solution – The SGI Library
•    50 key topics, organized and curated
•    Science-based, authoritative information
•    Everything in one place
•    Quick and easy to use
•    Cross-disciplinary approach
•    Uses multiple expert sources
•    Incorporates GIS-mapping
•    Enables social sharing

What’s the Big Idea?
A single, centralized, easy-to-use, reliable, authoritative resource on how to garden and farm more sustainably.

Who Can Contribute Material?
Public Gardens & Arboreta
Universities and Colleges
Government Agencies
Non-profit Organizations

What Kind of Data?

      Landscape Architecture
      Environmental Science

What Type of Data?
Permalinks to pages on your institution’s website
Word documents or PDFs
Photos (and links to photos)
Videos (or links to videos)

It’s Easy to Work with Us
•    Supply the content
•    Retain copyright to your own information
•    Incorporate the Library’s knowledge base into your curriculum, research, or demonstration project

•    Organize the information
•    Administer the Library
•    Host the website
•    Share and publicize your data through conventional and social media

Look Who’s Already On Board 

•   Alaska Botanical Garden
•   American University Arboretum
•   Biodiversity Heritage Library
•   California Polytechnic Center for Sustainability
•   Center for Agriculture and Sustainable Food Systems, UC Santa Cruz
•   Chanticleer Garden
•   Delaware Botanic Garden
•   Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture
•   Lurie Garden
•   Madson Square Park Conservancy
•   Native Seeds/SEARCH
•   North Carolina Botanical Garden
•   New York University Grounds
•   Pequannock Township
•   Phipps Conservatory and Botanic Gardens
•   Scott Arboretum of Swarthmore University
•   Sister Mary Grace Burns Arboretum
•   United States Botanic Garden
•   United States National Arboretum