Sustainable Infrastructure

I know that both the environment and our nation's infrastructure matter to you. Sustainable infrastructure is an idea whose time has come. We can be good stewards of our natural resources and embrace a world without decaying infrastructure at the same time!  

Photo: Washington State Department of Transportation
Solid road surfaces can be replaced with permeable ones. Bioswales and stormwater gardens can capture rainwater where it falls instead of letting it funnel into sewers. Habitat and wildlife corridors can be incorporated into our transportation systems. And much more.

We CAN build infrastructure systems that work the way Nature does. It’s already being done.

On Board? Here’s What You Can Do:

Use our online Sustainable Gardening Library to research what experts at public gardens and arboreta, colleges and universities, and government agencies recommend. They’ve been doing forward-thinking work on these issues for decades.

Wield your influence. Help ensure that the federal infrastructure bill balances the hardscape of our structural systems with investments in ecological systems. Planners and politicians, engineers and environmentalists, students and celebrities can all work together to advocate for infrastructure that not only sustains our livelihoods, but our lives, as well.

Let’s talk. Writing an article? Looking for a radio segment or podcast guest? Want input on sustainable land use and infrastructure? Contact me by phone or email and let’s chat.

Show your support. Marry your concerns about our deteriorating infrastructure and the environment by donating to the Sustainable Gardening Institute. Our Library is supported solely by grants and donations from generous people who share a love of the Earth and a desire to champion stewardship of its natural resources. 

Lois de Vries
Executive Director