Sustainable Gardening Library Individual Donors' Circle

 Thanks for all that you already do to care for the Earth.

While The Sustainable Gardening Library is free for anyone to use, it costs real money to build, maintain, staff, and operate the infrastructure that keeps it up and running. Our work is supported solely by grants and donations from generous supporters who share a love of the Earth and a desire to champion stewardship of its natural resources. 

We believe that our supporters are motivated by their love of the Earth, a desire to see wise and respectful use of the lands we inhabit, and are rewarded by contributing to the growth of the Sustainable Gardening Library.

We believe that, as responsible stewards of our donors’ generous contributions, we should use them to recruit more collaborators, add more content, maintain the Library’s technical integrity, and get the word out.

In that spirit, we do not offer gifts, bonuses, or rewards for donations. This means more time and energy for library development and promotion and zero time spent on soliciting, purchasing, publicizing, unpacking, re-packing, and mailing swag.

100% of your gift helps defray the costs of developing, maintaining, and promoting the Library, outreach to collaborators, the general public, and the media, operating costs, and software hosting and maintenance fees.

STEWARD: Up to $100

  • Suzanne Boland
  • Louise Clark
  • Cheryl Corson
  • Denise Cowie
  • Cathy Dees
  • Brenda Freed
  • Diane Gillespie
  • Debra Knapke
  • Annie Martin
  • Douglas Owens-Pike 
  • Lydia Plunk
  • Quality of Life Research Center 
  • Patrick Ryan
  • Rose Anne Swan

LEADING LIGHT: $101 - $249
  • Chris & Christine de Vries
  • Jo Ellen Meyers Sharp 
  • Nancy & Gary Robson 

FRONT RUNNER: $250 - $499

  • Bernardsville Garden Club
  • Garden Writers Association
  • Pat & Jerry Wirth
  • R.C. Dick Freed 

TRAIL BLAZER: $500 - $999
  • Estate of Eugene D. Summerford
  • Mark Freed & Sandy Janich

For larger donation categories, visit our Underwriters page.
Make checks payable to: Sustainable Gardening Institute

Mail to: Sustainable Gardening Institute
                   PO Box 224
                   Lafayette, NJ 07848

We are a New Jersey 501 (c)(3) Corporation – your contribution is tax-deductible