What People Are Saying

"I urge every public garden and arboretum that has a sustainable gardening program to partner with the Sustainable Gardening Library and post their materials and links there. The SGL makes it a whole lot easier for those of us who write and speak about horticulture to find you and incorporate your forward-thinking ideas into our stories. And who doesn’t like free publicity?" 
Kirk R. Brown, PA
 President, GWA: The Association for Garden Communicators
Horticultural Living History Reenactor and Garden Designer

"I so enjoyed meeting you, Lois. Your project sounds amazing. I hope it goes great and you find excellent contributors. You have an admirable organizational mind and computer savvy that will turn this great idea into a reality. I'm impressed!"
Jane Schwartz Gates, CA 
Landscape Designer and Fine Artist

" This (Library) saves a lot of time. I don’t have to do my own searches or go on a bunch of different websites. It’s like having my own special search engine. I’ve got the best people in the world telling me what’s good and what’s not. Everything's right here."
 Diane Gillespie, NJ
Master Gardener

"Thank you, Lois. So much awesome information on the SITES website, and the 10-minute video of Phipps Conservatory's design/implementation process is phenomenal too. Wow!"
Kelly Rae Kirkpatrick, MN
Master’s Degree Candidate

"As an educator, writer, and lecturer, my first priority is to find and verify the information that I use. Doing this has become more complicated and the Sustainable Gardening Library offers a way to compile and vet these numerous resources. Now I am also able to offer an excellent web-based research option to my students. "
Debra Knapke, OH
Columbus State Community College
GWA Sustainability Committee