What We Do

SGI works with public gardens and arboreta, colleges and universities, and government agencies that want to get the word out about their research, demonstration gardens and projects, and educational programs on how to garden and farm more sustainably to help solve problems that threaten the health of our planet. Because our survival depends on it.

SGI's core program is the Sustainable Gardening Library, the culmination of an ongoing concerted quest to consolidate educational and resource materials on 50 recognized topics about how to garden and farm more sustainably. The topics were chosen by a committee of 10 garden journalists and evaluated by 30 potential collaborators. Two surveys, three forums, three prototypes, and a pilot project all confirmed the need for the Library, as well as the viability of a new, cross-disciplinary approach to organizing the resources and delivering them through an interactive web application.

SGI undertakes a variety of educational and outreach activities that advance public understanding of how sustainable gardening and farming practices impact the environment. We also promote the exchange of information between and among nonprofit horticultural education and research organizations, colleges and universities, government agencies, media outlets, and the general public.

We use:

•    Talks and articles,
•    Broadcast and web-based resources,
•    Social media channels,
•    A corporate website,
•    Forums, surveys, and similar ways
of providing the public with facts, statistics, and related information on sustainable gardening as one option for reducing human impact on the Earth’s natural ecosystems.

We send out ambassadors to raise awareness about the resources we offer to the public, act as an information delivery hub for collaborating organizations, facilitate interaction between collaborators, media, and the public, and ask for financial support.
As a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit corporation, SGI accepts corporate underwriting, foundation and government grants, and individual contributions that defray the costs of hosting, maintaining, and promoting the Library.

Your donation is tax-deductible.